Guest Blog 15 June 2009

YYAAAYYYYYHHHHH. Excellent diving and thoroughly enjoyed it. That’s it for right now.  Michelle
Many anemones, king crabs, coral – I love bull kelp – it’s all great so far. 7 Tree is my favourite so far. Urs.
Excursion trips were great.  Saw 2 black bears from up close today. First Nations burial caves in Browning Pass were amazing. Ruth
Non-divers walking on the beach saw more wolf-eels today than even the 
divers. Duncan.
Everybody should read Northwest Dive News to see the article I am going to write about this trip. I can say it in one word. AWESOME.  Rick.
I am always totally amazed each time I get on the Nautilus Explorer. What an incredible adventure it always is. Peter.
I love the diving here. Gary
The diving has been “interesting”. Carol (note from Captain Mike – I think Carol means low visibility). But the walls are still really beautiful and I can’t complain.
 Awesome crew and guests. We’ll reserve judgement on the Captain for a couple of days.  (I think she is joking but I’m not sure – Captain Mike!!!!).  Cheryl.

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