Guest Blog 21 June 2009

Jim Kozmik. Blue Realm TV. Diving for 38 years. I have been attacked by anything and everything in the ocean. Stung, bit and run over by whales. In previous dives I’ve had a lot of fun with sealions. But these particular sealions today, these guys decided to test the strength of neoprene rubber. Grabbing on everything. Bopping me. Tugging on everything. They thought the 5 lb weight on my rebreather was a great new toy. I decided to ignore Captain Mike’s 60 minute rule and stay longer but that didn’t work. I got  mugged. Unique. Fantastic. I always like to interact with marine life. I got great footage. Koz.
This was by far my stellar dive both figuratively and literally.  As Captain Mike and I were descending down one of the most gorgeous walls I have ever seen, I kept  my fingers crossed that he wouldn’t stop and he didn’t. We hit 200 feet and the gorgonian coral just kept going but we finally turned around. On the way up we saw some shadows that increased to MANY shadows that turned out to be stellar sea lions. At one point, we were totally surrounded and Mike and I tried to watch each other’s back as we had agreed before the dive. There were so many sea lions around Mike that I chose not to look behind me. At which point Mike gave the signal that it was time to go to the surface but there were too many sea lions above us. It was a solid ceiling of sea lions. We finally saw our window of opportunity and made it to the surface. Even though this is one of my best dives ever, I was also more scared than I have ever been on any other of my thousands of  dives. It was great. Peter D.
I wasn’t there. I went kayaking to watch humpback whales instead. Ralph.
We saw sea otters, humpback whales, stellar sea lions who looked like a  wolf pack around the divers. I had a great day. This is my best  trip ever.  Ruth
When a wolf pack attacks something like a big moose, they jostle each other to see who is going first. The stellar sea lions looked exactly like that.  Packed like sardines and jostling to see who was going to move in first on the scuba divers. Duncan.
I sat out  what turned out to be the crazy sea lion dive to go kayaking with my daughter and ended up being surrounded by whales in our kayaks.   I even saw a juvenile humpback whale spyhopping.  Danny.
I used to think Bonaire is the home of diver’s freedom (you can dive for yourself rather than being told what to do our how to dive). It’s not. The Nautilus Explorer is the home of diver’s freedom.  Urs.
Today was the best day of diving I have done in 28 years.  Rick S.
Cool, genius, wow. Meine ersten SEELOEWEN, SEELOEWEN, SEELOEWEN in  meiner jungen Taucherkarriere. Mir bleibt die Sprache weg.  Wunderschoene, spannende Tage auf der Nautilus Explorer im Golf von Alaska.

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