Guest Blog 9 July 2009

A huge sea of moon jellies in a gorgeous steep sided inlet in Alaska
Oh yeah, it goes without saying that the scenery and weather has been  superb so far on this trip.  The highlight so far is a tie between swimming around the icebergs, watching bald eagles swoop down on unsuspecting salmon fry as we drifted past in the inflatable or perhaps paddling close up to a feeding grizzly bear on Baranoff island. Lalitha.
Jellin… with jellys. Jeff is jellin’ with jellies (note from Captain Mike -we dove with a wall of moon jellies). Jeff
I can’t even come close to anything like that. 46 degrees and counting. Jane
Spectacular jellies today. Howard
Solid walls and overhangs of moon jellies with predatory lions mane jellies dipping into the wall and dropping out with dozens of moons at a time being slowly drawn into the maw of the sea blubbers. It was spectacular and incredible and you could see this over and over again. I’m sure there were at least a hundred thousand or more jellies in just one swarm. Dave
A milky way of moon jellies. Rod
The scenery in Alaska defies description. Anni
Kissed by thousands of moon jellies. An experience never to be forgotten. Jacqui

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