Guest Blog 14 July 2009

Point Adolphus and Icy Strait, southeast Alaska
I saw a wolf eel on a wall today. And when he left his spot he went phhhssssshhhhtt straight down. Howard
I saw 3 orange peel nudibranchs in a row that were the size of  footballs. My computer showed 42 degrees but Captain Mike doesn’t  believe me (I figure 44 degrees minimum – Captain Mike). I had a single sole moon jelly accompany me on my safety stop. And then I saw a puffin on the surface. Ann
The wolf eel was a pretty amazing thing because it was a dark wall with the wolfie laid out in a serpentine fashion in a light bowl that fit him perfectly. After he posed for Howard for 5 or 6 minutes he took off straight down the cliff past a lingcod that had patiently been waiting for us to shoot him. And those stellar sealions  tossing salmon around everywhere and torn into pieces. Wow.  Dave
Humpback whales, sea otters, stellar sealions, bald eagles, grizzly bear and ……….a grunt sculpin. Jeff.
I saw loads of humpback whales today. Boy, were they close. We saw lots of sea otters but you can never see too many. Kandy
The stellar sealions were great if you could stand the smell. Rod
Whales with breakfast.  Sea otters for lunch.  And gigantic gregarious stellar sealions before dinner. It was a very, very, very full day. Jacqui
Sealions, blue wolfeels, pink wall, breaching humpbacks, sea otters. WOWWWWW.   Michele

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