Guest Blog July 20/09 – Sea Lion Splash

Stellar Sealions are real big and real smelly! Andrew
First dive was a little scary getting in and out of water – but the divemasters were a great help – the Sea Lions were awesome…I would do the Nautilus Explorer again in a heartbeat.  Anne
Wow, meine ersten Begegnungen mit Stellar-Seeloewen, 2-3 m gross und bis zu 1ner Tonne schwer. Voellig unbeeindruckt von Tauchern interagieren sie mit uns und kommen sehr, SEHR nah! Anja
Kayaking was fabulous; we had a humpback whale surface 20 feet from us in the kayak.  We saw lots of sea otters and bald eagles.  Shannon
I loved watching the sealions riding the waves.  I am looking forward to seeing the Puffins.  Anat
The beauty in Alaska is awes-inspiring and completely relaxing.  In fact I was so relaxed I saw a whale breach with a mermaid riding its tail urging me to dive again. Dave

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