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This is my ninth trip on the Nautilus and my sixth in Alaska and/or BC. I can say without hesitation that today’s jellyfish dives top my personal list of all-time great dive experiences. Floating amidst thousands of moon jellies is the most beautiful and surreal thing I have ever done underwater, and knowing that fewer than three dozen divers can say that they’ve done it makes it even more unforgettable. It amazes me every time I come back here that year after year Captain Mike finds new surprises for us.
Mike Ford
San Francisco
One of the best days we’ve had, and it’s only Day Four!  The jellyfish dive was one of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever experienced underwater – so peaceful, calm, and surreal.  Such a wonderful surprise.  The topside activies were wonderful too.  Loved the ice cave.  Thank you for a truly memorable day.! – Heidi !!!
Amazing day! Dove with thousands of lovely jelly fish – like diving in bubbles – and later checked out an ice cave carved out of the side of a mountain by a waterfall and stream.  By far, one of my most memorable days on a live aboard and the Nautilus Explorer (my second trip)!!!!

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