Guest Blog – Baranof Hot Springs Aug.12/09

Here we are in the wilderness, out of nowhere here are these hotsprings…. really really hot hot springs!!!!  as for the dive The garden of Metridiums, tall, lacey and in full bloom. – Ben
Baranoff lake dive, a 1st in the history of Alaska what does a Baranoff lake dive consist of: all your cold water gear, lugged up the trail and thru the woods, 20 minutes later you arrive at your mountain lake, now Jump into your suit (if you remembered to bring it) and strap on your back plate, and plunge into Baranoff lake,  a dive full of standing logs 50 feet tall some as wide as 5-6 Ft, amazing thermoclines, suspended layers of darkness and one unusually shaped “soda water” property of CocaCola bottle dated Nov 14 1922 from Enid Okalhoma. Rob & Scott.  Senior Divers.   Flatirons Scuba.  Broomfield, Colorado
I’m dry!!  I’m dry.   Today’s diving was ok.   Eduardo

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