Guest Blog – Icebergs and orcas Aug.14/09

Icebergs are cold but they are fun to play on.  It is so worth it to play on them.  Lois
I slept the whole day and missed the great glacier and also the funny ice games. But I did see the orcas in Petersburg harbour.  Peter.
From crazy russian.  Nautilus Explorer Alaska trip.  $3500.   Drysuit scuba gear $2000.  Sitting on an iceberg with a bottle of mexican beer and looking at Le Conte Bay glacier with my buddy Eduardo.  PRICELESS.  Oleg.
A once in a lifetime experience to sit on an iceberg, having a shot of Crown Royal brought to me by a hostess in a kayak.  PRICELESS.   Eduardo.
I had an excellent day today.  Monika
Too many images, not enough space on my external hard driver.  Werner
Petersburg stinks like fish.  Christian.
I’m bringing ice climbing gear next time.  Lee
I should have brought crampons and strap-on rockboots.   Deb
Awesome bar service to the icebergs.  Especially the champagne to celebrate our engagement today.  Wes

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