Guest Blog – Guadalupe Great Whites – Sept. 9/09 2009

Guadalupe Island Tauchkreuzfahrt vom 03. September bis 11. September.
Tauchen mit weissen Haien war ein Erlebnis, das ich nicht missen moechte und mit Sicherheit wiederhole.  Es ist fantastisch wenn ein 5 meter Hai 20 cm am Kaefig vorbeizieht, man die blauen Augen und das Gebisssieht. Auch das Kelptauchen war wunderschoen mit 20-30 meter Kelp, wie im Maerchenwald mit Rochen, Stier-kopfhaien, Garibaldies und vielen Fischen mehr. Die ca. 500 Seeloewen machten soviel Spass unterwasser, dasdies allein die Reise wert war. Die Nautilus Explorer ist mit Sicherheit das beste und angenehmste Tauchkreuzfahrt-Schiff, das vom Alaska bis Socorro, Guadalupe und Clipperton faehrt. Die Crew sieht einem jeden Wunsch bevor man darandenkt von den Augen ab. Gutes Essen, top Crew, super Schiff und traumhafte Tauchgebiete. Da kann mann nur 5 Sterne geben.  Wolfgang Nagel
Diver Pauly says this has been a great trip.  The Great Whites were just awesome as usual and the diving in San Benito just as good.  Dove in kelp beds for the first time, just awesome, it’s like walking through a dense forest full of life.  Had plenty of sea lions and fur seals swimming all around me.
Diver Steve says, tonight’s dinner ambiance was great, steak night was awesome! Diving in the kelp forest was the best!
For years it was Jurgens dream to dive with the Great White Shark. He searched for possibilities all over the world, on the internet, in magazines, on TV and so on. Then he found the best place for cage diving at the island of Guadalupe in the pacific, 150 miles away from the Baja California, Mexico. And the Nautilus Explorer offers the cage diving with the great white sharks in combination with a trip to the islands of San Benitos, where you can dive with sealions between kelp forests. I said to Jurgen, “Ok, I come with you on this boat trip, but be sure, I will never never go into a cage because of my claustrophobia. Its like a prison, I don’t feel free. I can’t do something like that. And I will have the same problem with the kelp diving because it has something constricting for me.” And now? You can trust in me: It is no problem for a claustrophobic to jump into the cage, because two of the cages are hanging at the back of the boat on the surface, so that you are free to go in and out, whenever you want. The cages are very big and solid and the distance between the bars is enough to look into the wide blue and clear water, so that you don’t feel as in a prison. It was such a great adventure for me, staying in the cage and seeing the great white sharks circling around, and coming very close to the cages. I’m so happy about this experience.  Also diving between the kelp is no problem. You are free to choose, if you dive around the kelp, between the kelp or in front of the kelp. And you haven’t time to feel fear, because the sealions are swimming all around you, playing with you and they take all your attention.  So my conclusion is I would not miss this very different dives and I’m very very glad that I had the opportunity to go on a boat like the Nautilus Explorer. The cabins have a lot of space, the food is delicious, and the crew is excellent!  Thank you so much!
Kersten Drees, from Germany

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