Guest Blog – Sept. 15/09

Brandon: I saw my first great white shark today in Guadalupe on the Nautilus Explorer.  Holy Smokes! Unbelievable.  For 15 minutes that big fish kept coming in and out, in and out toward the cages.  Such a graceful and powerful animal.
Aaron: I don’t have anything to compare the awe of seeing a Great White.  I have never felt the feeling I felt seeing the White Sharks any other time in my life. When I got out of the water I was so stunned from the experience I had to be alone and in silence for a while.  The experience was so powerful for me, it took several hours to process what had happened – It took a long time to really sink in.
Donna: I thought it was great getting up early and jumping in the cage and before anything else had happened to me today I was witnessing Great White Sharks.  Its an amazing feeling to be so close to such a great animal.  I have a new respect for them too and I don’t fear them…They are not violent, montrous animals like some people might have you believe.  Guadalupe is magical.
Ben- My highlight for today was when I opened by cabin door on the upper deck and looked into the water I was greeted by a huge female Great white swimming just below the surface.  The rest of the day was exciting as a male was present on all my dives I had in the Nautilus Explorer’s surface cages and the submersible cages.
Randy Harris ( I have not been in the water one time since I got on the Nautilus Explorer without seeing a great white. Booyah!

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