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On the passage to Guadalupe, we encountered a large pod of sperm whales blowing and breaching. I estimate at least 50 animals. It was the first of many spiritual experiences this week. The second was the spectacular night sky upon arrival at Guadalupe. One can see so many stars and also shooting stars (I wished for sharks!) The first morning was a bit choppy but everyone was happy to try out the cages for sightings of our first shark!! I highly recommend the shore tours in the Zodiac, as you will get up close and personal with Guadalupe sea lions, elephant seals and California sea lions (lobos marinos).  There are so many baby sea lions playing and barking in the tide pools, it looks like a sea lion kindergarten. I was in love! Day two was much calmer and all guests on board spent the day with a large female shark called Lavonne. She is about 15 feet long and spectacularly beautiful and extremely interested in us. The water is a shade of blue I cannot even describe. Throughout the day, sea lions approached several times, nipping at Lavonne’s tail and gracefully flipping and gliding out of her reach. I could watch the antics of these playful animals all day and not get bored. Day three was the calmest yet with fog creeping over the island.  The sea became “Lake Pacific” and I was on the first trip down in the submersible cage at 8:00 a.m. Lavonne and Chica showed up to say good morning and again spent the entire day circling the cages for amazing photo opportunities.  These animals are regal and majestic and took my breath away repeatedly. Between dives and rides in the Zodiac, I enjoyed the laughs with the guests and crew, practicing my Spanish with my wonderful new Mexican friends (especially Edgar, my tutor), and eating Meg’s amazing cookie creations. As I write this, I am on my way home with great memories, many new friends, and an experience of a lifetime.  I am already looking forward to my next trip on the Nautilus Explorer. -Wendy Bolen, Key West Florida, 10/17/09
This was the third day of this great great trip. So far the best experience of my life! We spent the whole trip sharing with this 15 foot female, Lavonne. We were happy the whole trip, thank God everybody is safe (after a few attempts to have a taste of a few passengers jajaja). Sign me up for next year, this definitely changed my life, we were able to se up close and its own environment the worlds best predator, and we were able to look at it as a wonder of nature instead of looking at it as a perfect killing machine. we shared some time with Mauricio Hoyos, a scientist who studies these animals for a living, and started to understand the blessing of being in the presence of such a marvelous animal. Already looking forward for October 2010. Thanks a lot to the whole crew of the Nautilus Explorer for this great experience, especially Jesse, and Sten, for being everybodys heroes and taking us underwater as many times as they did, The Nautilus Explorer Rocks!!!
Alejandro Alvarez
Today was a great day! Big sharks posing, calm water and excellent companions and crew. It was a trip that I will remember the rest of my life, thank you so much for the experience. Eduardo Rodriguez
Excelente dia, el agua estaba tan calmada que parecia espejo….Tremenda tiburon que aparecio en cada viaje de fondo… Se sentia artista puesto que poso para miles de fotos y sonreia…Ya vamos de regreso, muy contentos por la increible experiencia pero tristes de que termina….Nos vemos el proximo anio con otra aventurita…
Gerardo Lozano, Monterrey, Mexico
Muchas gracias a toda la tripulacion del Nautilus, sin excepcion todos tienen una actitud de servicio extraordinaria, esto aunado a todas las maravillas que vi y vivi, han hecho que la expedicion a ver al Gran Tiburon Blanco sea una experiencia de vida que nunca olvidare…
Nos vemos la proxima temporada!
Edgar Arechavaleta, Mexico D.F.

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