Dive for a week in the California Channel Islands on a luxury liveaboard diveboat FOR FREE !!! Captain's Log. 18 APRIL 2010

The California Channel Islands is a very interesting place.    As a hard-core cold water diver from British Columbia, I knew that Browning Pass north of Port Hardy was beautiful and spectacular scuba diving.  In fact, Rodale’s Dive Magazine rated “the Pass” as the number 1 dive site in North America three years in a row.   As the Captain of the Nautilus Explorer in command of 10 years of expeditionary and exploratory diving throughout southeast Alaska, our guests and I discovered other virgin dive sites that were even more spectacular than Browning.  Dive sites with a huge biodiversity of life and even new species of coral and other animals.  Heck, one year we discovered a new species of soft-coral in the Queen Charlotte Islands and then 2 years later, we discovered a small islet in Alaska absolutely blanketed with the same species.   I had heard much talk of the California Channel Islands but it was never really on my to-do list   –   we figured that such a popular dive destination 25 miles from Los Angeles visited on a regular basis by a score of dive boats would not measure up to what we were looking for.
We offered our first trip the Channel Islands 3 years ago and the diving was superb, especially the outer islands such as San Clemente in the south and San Miguel in the north. We were blown away.  The giant kelp forests were beautiful of course, it’s always fun to interact with sealions on their own terms.  And while I was very excited to see my first garibaldi fish, I wasn’t expecting all the other invert life and critters.   It was great.  Of course, we had the benefit of diving off a long-range luxury liveaboard and being able to take a week to tour the islands from top to bottom.   So we were able to visit a wide variety of sites in one trip that just wouldn’t be possible on a day boat or weekend trip..
We will be spending July 2010 exploring the California Channel Islands and  invite you to join us.   It will be great.  We promise!!     What’s the deal on the FREE TRIP????    Well, we are giving away a free trip (stateroom accomodation) on our July 10 2010 departure.  All you have to do is click the button on our website marked “contest” and fill out the entry form.     Contestants must be 25 years or older and certified scuba divers.    How’s that for a great deal!!
Dive safe
Captain Mike

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