Our California Channel Islands Adventure Is Fast Approaching.

Lying on your back on a cushion of water staring up at towering giant kelp stretching to the surface where leafy limbs reach out to touch each other and filter sun light down into the blue.  And like a spot light in a theatre the light falls on curious faces peering from behind the kelp.  Harbour seals, Moray eels, a plethora of lobster, the odd Garibaldi, and then a sea lion dancing toward you for a closer look.  And as you stare back his big eyes stretch a little wider as if in a smile and then he spins round once and races off darting into the kelp forest and away into his watery, mysterious world.
Ahhh, yes! California’s Channel Islands.  We last went in 2008 and have been looking forward to our return ever since.  July 10th will be our first trip this year and we really can’t wait to revisit our favorite dive sites around the islands.  From San Miguel to San Clemente, from whales to nudibranchs, there is something for everyone.
We still have a few berths available on our July 10 (6 nights) and July 16 (7 nights) trips.
Still not excited? As this will be one of our first trips post-refit…and we want to show off the Nautilus’ newest luxury features…we are going to give an upgrade at no additional cost to someone who is booked on the July 10 trip!  So book by May 31 for your chance to win a free upgrade ($ 1500 value) to our new luxurious Premium suite.
Photo Credits:
Sea Lions, Crab on kelp, Garibaldi (Richard Salas), Upshot of kelp, ray in sand (Steven Trainoff), Nudibranch (Allison Vitsky)

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