Beautiful diving under an oil rig in California plus more giant black bass and pacific angel shark – yoho – divemaster and guest blog -17 July 2010

It’s a bit of an irony to be appreciative of an oil rig in these difficult times but yoho, the Eureka platform in the California Channel Islands is sure a sweet dive.    Not a drop or trace of oil in the water and very beautiful and interesting diving.   Captain Mike
More Giant Black Bass and Pacific Angel shark yoho!

So after yesterdays diving in Coronado islands and done our check in with the Immigration in San Diego we have arrived Catalina islands.  Started off with long point a beautiful kelp and reef. With a lot of cracks and crevasses that where inhabited by a lot of life. The other two dives we spent at Goat Harbour and where watching several big Black Bass, also on the sand bottom a angel shark where resting , in the kelp a school of Barracudas where circuling above us in between the kelp. Last dive was a bit of a happy surprise! We tried bird rock and it had a really beautiful kelp dense but with several paths that we criss crossed in, watch a bat ray fly by We could do that again.
Surface conditions 27 C a bit foggy , but the sun burned through now and then , sstill to some wind.
Underwater conditions : Viz from 8 – 15m 25 -50 ft Temp from 58 and 65F 12- 16 C
Sten dykmastare
The Channel Islands trip is going well … the boat is topnotch and the staff is friendly and professional. The dive masters are helping me dial in my buoyancy control. We have already seen some amazing kelp beds, with their signature garabaldis and sheepheads. We had a real treat today, spotting several sea bass that were bigger than me; and I’m not a small guy. The guests are friendly, and mostly accomplished divers in their own right, which makes for an even better learning experience. Quite a few New Yorkers, who seem to be great divers (I guess you have to be if you spend most of your time diving Atlantic wrecks) Oh, and the food … better than mom’s home cookin’ (but don’t tell mom).
I think we’re in for quite a week. Stay tuned …
Rick Swart  Portland, Oregon
Oilrig Eureka Catalina Island, California USA
We arrived early morning to try to get contact with the oilrig, nobody answered on VHF 16 , but the traffic controler did and said that they just sometimes where listening to it and we could go ahead and dive on it. A bit surprised that they where so relaxed about it!! And we moored the Nautilus and took the skiffs over rto the rig that sits on a depth of 250 m. We went down the columns accompanied by sealion pups a, the water was murky but under 80 feet it opened up to an amazing viz I judge to be around a 100 ft! To see the divers flashing their lights and looking like small ants compared with this mega structure was a feeling of being out climping on a space vessel or being inside of a catherdral , the lights and the siluetts against the sun comming drizzeling in between the columns was just so Cool, There where growth a foot deep on the structure filled with rock oysters , mussels anemonees . One of hight light sof this trip. We ended up the day diving Casino Point in Catalina island or just take a stroll in the village Abolone. This trip has been a very nice trip that was over my expectations from small stuff Coronado island loaded with nudi branchs , Soup fin sharks in San Clemente, Giant black Bass in Anacapa, Wolf eal and harbour seal and loads of Red abalones in San Miguel and the oilrig Eureka out side of Catalina Island. I had a great trip with great guests and we are ready to go out again for next one.
Surface condition: Clear blue sky and calm weather.25 C
Underwater conditions: 60 F 15 C at surface 48!! 9-10 C on 100 ft on Eureka! Viz at the worst 20 ft at the best 100ft +
Dive guide Sten

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