First trip of the season to Santa Barbara – shy bat rays, angel sharks and thousands of sealions – California Channel Islands – divemaster log – July 28, 2010

Sealions and Angel sharks.
This is the first time we go to Santa Barbara Island this season.
We went in to a small sealion rocery that we had a tip of. Not very deep the deepest I managed get was 16 m 55ft. Water was really clear until you got in to 20 ft or 7 m. This place has a lot of Bat rays in between the sand and the kelp. resting at the bottom, they are really shy and dont like bubbles at all! so best way to approach them is being at the bottom and hold your breath. Funny looking ray and there where many of them. At the sandy bottom around the island we also found several Angel sharks, very camoflaged and a very cool looking shark, Looks a bit like the wobbegong and we often found them being in pair. we went in to the south side of the island to the sealion coloni. hera are tousands of them I beleive! We went in to the shallow , but viz was really low cause of the surge and we turnred out the very dense kelp and got clear water and got harassed by young sealions.
Our last dive site was … not that great.. Bare rock and a million sea urchins and brittle stars… except of the last dive we had a great day here and sun is up and the sky is clear blue.
Surface conditions: 5-10 knots wind calm sea with a little shop on the windy side. Sunny after a grey morning 23C
Underwater conditions: Clear at 25 ft Viz ca 15-18m ca 60 ft A bit of surge on shallow waters. Very mild current 60 f 14-16 C.
Dive guide Sten Sent via satellite.

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