Scuba diving in Mexico was just super… the best I ever experienced. greetings to Captain Mike from the Swiss humour.. – guest and divemaster blog including Isla Cedros – October 4, 2010

Second time on the boat, Alaska last year was already a highlight. this time scuba diving in Mexico with a new crew. just super… also the diving, both times the best i ever experienced. we will be back for more. greetings to captain mike from swiss humor. you missed us.  michel
Hi, this is the very first blog of my life – we had fantastic (but cold) days. Having seen sooooo many things never seen before. Great White sharks at Guadalupe – seals – giant kelp forests – mola mola – and the cream on top after a hard diving day is the hot tub and the beer collection!!!
Hope to be back sometime in the future.
Cheers, Nils
kean age15 and selina age 18 : diving with the great white sharks was a cool experience and i thought it was really cool that we were allowed to go on the top of the cage because it is much more intense.(:
the  cage that was open the whole day was pretty practical, because you could go when ever you wanted. what i loved to do after a day of shark diving was finding out     which sharks were swimming around at this day. the only thing that i didn’t like was the coldness of the water. 😛
diving with the sealions and seals was also cool. and the kelp is cool. the crew was also really nice and id always come again
ich habe das erste mal auf einem schiff urlaub gemacht und auf der nautilus hat es mir sehr gut gefallen. die crew ist unschlagbar, einfach super. sehr freundlich ,hilfsbereit und  aufmerksam. was mich am meisten begeistert hat war, dass die ganze crew am naechsten morgen von allen gaesten die vornamen gewusst hatten. die tauchplaetze mit den weissen haien, das kelp und die seeloewen sind ein unvergessliches erlebnis.
diesen tripp wuerde ich gerne wieder einmal machen.
From the surface the massive kelp beds around Isla Cedros go as far as the eye can see and beckon you to venture beneath and explore. Through a brilliant sunlit milky haze blasts a deep firey orange to deep emerald green as the kelp beds descend to the depths of some twenty to thirty meters. Teaming with life, the kelp forests are a sight to behold; breath taking as you look to the surface and thousands of fish circle above your head. A fire in the sky, god rays come streaming through dense leaves. Amazingly colorful, beautifully serene as gentle currents pull you into the forest leaving the big blue behind. The marine life feels no fear; sea lions and harbor seals dart through the kelp showing off their agility. The dive site is amazingly healthy, a jewel, from the smallest critters to big Barracuda, Bat Rays, Groupers and Sheepshead’s. The kelp forest is a spectacular show, you’ll want more than a couple of dives to truly enjoy what this emerald forest has to offer!
Divemaster Simon
Surface Conditions: Sunny and warm with mild winds, the ocean a mill pond.
Underwater Conditions: Viz.- 40ft+, Temp. 60F (7mm wetsuit), mild current.

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