Divers excited about seeing Mola Mola (sunfish) for their first time – divemaster and Captain blog – 06 OCT 2010

After yester days crazy dive with several harbourseals that had been playing crazy with us at Todos Santos Island (It is full of them!) we took the opertunity to get in 3 dives on the way to San Benito islands.
And the morning dives we had a nice clear dives in a beautiful, had playing with harbour seal again , but not as much as yesterday, we instead got Mola Molas. It is really nice seeing people coming up from the dives with big smile on their faces and telling it is one of best dives they done or first time they see mola mola . It makes it fun to work on board. I some times get surprised that people react so intense of things that I see ok that was nice. Gives me to rethink again that is good.
We left in the after noon to look after whales. and oh yes we saw whales!! And many as well in a large area. I am almost sure we first had either Blue or fin whale shown on the spouts  that are wey much the same  and the way in they moved in the water. Further south we got a big group that more looked like hump backs.
Now on our way to San Benitos with a dolpins in our bow and a green flash sun set!
Surface conditions. Sunny calm but still abig surge from earlier days. 25 C
Under water conditions , viz fron 25-40 ft temp ca 60 F 19 C
Diveguide Sten
The weather was not cooperating at the beginning of our adventure and the Port of Ensenada was officially closed down for a day!  We rerouted our plans and it turned out to be a great first day of diving.  Just off the coast of the mainland is Isla Todas Santos, more famous for its big wave surfing than anything else. What we found out was that on the opposite side of the wave action on the Southeast tip of the island is a cozy cove with amazing scenery, protection from the Northwest swell and great diving.  On the first dive we were met with the friendliest of harbor seals, kissing our masks, swimming in and out of our group and even letting a lucky few of us scratch their necks!  Some beautiful kelp forests made some wonderful photos as well.  This is definitely a site worth exploring further.  We weighed anchor and sailed for the volcanic island of St. Martin and its underwater jungle of kelp under a starlit sky and gentle   rolling sea.
Captain Kevin

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