Kissed and scratched and harassed by persistent harbour seal! He pressed his nose straight in to my mask and hold my head scratching over and over. Dive guide and guest log. San Benitos Island. Baja California.

Day 2 at San Benitos we got over and explored more of the west side of San benitos and have noticed new divesites with deeper cracks and canyons and even swimthroughs. Big populations of Guadelupe furseals especially laying in groups in the kelp in the morning. We made of 2 dives here all is new for us and all is good!
I was with Sean when we where having sealions , but then they disapeared and we sat at the same place at ca 40 min during 20 min a harbourseal came in sniffing and scratching our fins and cameras and at a time it took special interesst in my face and pressed his nose straight in to my mask and hold my head scratching my head over and over. We had a good laugh. The day ended at east island in 30-40 ft very dense kelp in afternoonsun. Just so beautiful to see the lights and colours in there and looking out you dont see green but blue!
Surface conditions; Some wind most sunny and 24 C
Underwater conditions all from 30 ft to 90 ft.
Dive guide
If you are from the tropics or used to diving in warm water, don’t forget your dry suit, because you definitely will stay underwater as much as you can.
Great dives, staff and the boat itself make this a 5-star trip. And we started the itinerary upside down…..Lets go to the cages and sharks!
Ricardo Stangorlini UW Video Maker – Brazil
Wonderful kelp forests here at San Benitos. I enjoy just hanging at 20-30 feet just below the canopy and watching the schools of little fish going about their lives. An occasional Guadalupe fur seal buzzes by. Yesterday at Isla San Martin, several friendly harbour seals stayed with us for quite a while, even pressing gently on our masks, looking us right in the eye. Such fun interacting with wild creatures!
Laura Kotler, Victoria BC Canada
I can t really compare to other dives but what ever i expected i was definitely not was enjoy now.
Every one is nice and gives it very best to satisfy every possible wish.
And the dive places are just amazing
Christian Schwarz, Germany
Even if the Water is very cold for me, i really love this places we are allowed to dive!
First time in kelp forests with Seals i have an very amazing time!
A big thank you to the Crew!
Markus Lampel, Germany

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