Give me gills and let me stay!!! Captain has refrained from ordering me to walk the plank. Guest blog. 09 October, 2010

Life & Diving aboard the Nautilus Explorer is “Heaven on Earth” !!!!
The Kelp Forests at Isla San Benitos and Cedros have provided mind blowing undescribable beauty!  Rocket ship California Sea Lions and the unbelievablely cuddly Pacific Seals have added personality to this fantastic trip so far underwater.
We are now bound for Isla de Guadalupe (Grande Blanco shark city) ….. can’t wait til the morrow !! I think we are going to see some very cool attitude out there in blue water !!
In spite of my bad behaviour so far the Captain has refrained from ordering me to walk the plank or being keel hauled!! In fact the entire crew onboard the Nautilus Explorer are fantastic…… I want a job on this boat… not likely to be an opening for a generation or so as they all appear to love it on board as much as I do ….. perhaps some extra cagicular activity will create that opening ..ha ha…arrhhh matey!!  Maybe I’ll just become a stowaway as I found a good spot to hide out til the Clipperton trip gets going. Wanna be on that one for sure!!
The Chef as always is the most important person in shipboard living… hat is off to Enrique…. great food my man !!
Give me gills and let me stay!!!
Blake Covernton

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bob brownreply
October 14, 2010 at 07:10 PM

Great news, Blake.

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