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October 11, 2010 ……… Guadalupe Island, Mexico
Story by John Brigham
Up until last month watching the movie Jaws was the limit to my experience with Great White Sharks. I was eager to change that on my recent trip to Guadalupe Island… especially after I stepped aboard the Nautilus Explorer. The boat and crew are a pleasure. And did I mention the hot tub?
I couldn’t allow myself to become too distracted by the delightfully warm, bubbly water on deck. I was out to get the most highly coveted souvenir which my shipmates and I came to know as the Shot. I hadn’t come ill-prepared. Arming myself with the right mixture of gear made this goal attainable. The full-frame Canon 5D Mark II had me covered for both photo and video. I started out with the housing circuitry set to manual flash, but found it too difficult to keep up with my constantly moving subjects. Switching to TTL allowed the camera to control my dual DS161 Movie Substrobes so that I could focus on camera settings and composition. Starting with aperture f/8 and shutter speed 1/160 I shot, tweaked, shot, waited and repeated until everything came together.
Other divers on board were achieving impressive footage using the Compact Video Package with the JVC Picsio HD camera. I call this the “gateway” package, because of its ability to turn people on to the addictive world of underwater photography. These are the types of innovative products that I find the most exciting. They are the devices that give us the help we all need — they help to turn any diver into a successful videographer or photographer.
Many thanks to the amazing crew of the Nautilus Explorer! They were as instrumental as my equipment in documenting those awesome Great Whites. None of us would have returned home with the Shot if not for them.
Exciting and innovative new products are in line for announcements leading up to the DEMA show next month in Las Vegas. If you’re a dive professional we encourage you to attend the show and stop by to see us (and the products) in Booth 1030. A new product seminar will be offered on Friday afternoon of the show at 3pm. Those not in attendance can still keep up with the latest gear by connecting with us on FacebookTwitter and always the Ikelite website.

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Hi John,
Great pictures of the Great White Shark! Interesting camera and pretty new on the market!
All the best for the rest of your trip!
Kind regard

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