This is a tight crew… Murphy cannot survive here !!!! I was tying up the ladder to the suspended cage when a shark came from behind and gave me a heart attack!! Captain and guest blog. October 11, 2010.

Anchor up after out last dives in the kelp forests at San Benitos Island.    Bit of a swell last night and we ran at 10 knots most of the way to keep time.  Beautiful day in Guadalupe, sun is hot, clear skies, Solmar V and Horizon onsite.  No sign of the Baja Aggressor. Anchored in my favourite spot same as last couple of trips.. First great white Shark within 5 minutes of anchoring – I was tieing the 15 foot ladder when a nice looking 12 footer came up behind me to say hi! and give me a heart attack.  Captain  Kevin
Grande Blanco’s are truly beautiful fish on top of food chain fame !!
These folks running the Nautilus Explorer are truly amazing ………they look after us in all ways including photo ops as well as shark wisdom and pampering us with state room perfection on an as soon as you leave the stateroom basis !!!!
This is a tight crew …… Murphy cannot survive here !!!
Shark City forever!! Day 1 done looking forward to # 2 ….3…4…5..6..pleasant mutiny, all hands stay aboard …..head to Clipperton directly I will not leave ….. clap me in irons !!!
There are some great efforts underway here to support excellent scientific studies on the great white shark !!!!!!
Wow today was amazing! After spending the entire day in the cages the ocean saved the best for last. on my seventh cage dive of the day a truly massive female showed up. she dwarfed all the previous sharks we had seen so far. easily twice as girthy as any of the other sharks around. she made many passes very close to the cage for a truly awe inspiring experience.  It really is something seeing these magnificent animals in person. best of all its only day two! 2 more days to go! better get to bed so i can wake up tomorow and get back to diving!!!
Another amazing day here on the Nautilus !!! Spent almost the whole day in the cages, sharks were amazing. Some got really curious and came close!!!
Cannot wait to get into the cages again tomorrow. Hope the sharks are as curious as today, or maybe little more.
And yes, we saw my loved movie Jaws tonight before dinner ! Great !!!
Andreas from Sweden
Blake Covernton, Nelson, BC, Canada
Day One with the great white sharks. It was wonderful.  I have a softer feeling for these creatures now that I’ve seen them cruising calmly by. The cages are comfortable, and we’re able to watch the sharks and fish as they swim by. Lots of folks are filming or photographing. We’re trying to identify the ones we saw today by the binder full of photo identifications. I think we saw Flipkin (scarred nose), among others. Looking forward to another day tomorrow of cage experiences. We’ll have a researcher visit to talk to us about his work with the local sharks.
Laura Kotler, Victoria, BC, Canada

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bob brownreply
October 14, 2010 at 07:10 PM

Keep the news coming. It sounds wonderful.

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