Sperm whales off Cabo San Lucas enroute Socorro Island. Captain Log. 5 DEC 2010

Eager! is the word of this trip!  We had a quick embarkation this morning and were off on another adventure in a flash.  Having just returned to the Nautilus Explorer and being very excited to go Socorro Island I was indeed taking everyone’s cue.  That and I love Juan Carlos’ cooking!  An amazing morning made for a beautiful departure out of Cabo San Lucas with just the right amount of breeze, a gentle and comforting easy and minimal roll and plenty of sunshine.  Not even 10 miles we encountered a pod of whales at a distance of about 100 meters.  Some were swimming along, some just lazing around the surface.  We counted around a dozen and then gave up.  Divemaster Peter was watching the spouting carefully and decided they were sperm whales which is such a treat to see, especially this close to the Cape.  It was a perfect start to the trip.  With a great bunch of with the great people onboard and, of course, the best crew in the world it sure is easy coming back to work…this is work??!!  I look forward to some great diving and conversation in the following weeks and once again find myself asking ‘How did I get this lucky!’   Captain Kev

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