Night snorkeling with silkies..dolphins!! 14-15 March 2011 Socorro. Revillagigedo Islands, Pacific Ocean Mexico

Night snorkeling with silkies..dolphins!! When we arrived at our divesite with the Nautilus Explorer we planned to go in at night and snorkel with silkie sharks. As they come when flying fish are around and get attracted by the light of the boat and gets to be an easy meal for them, this night we got in dolphins chasing mackerel under the boat and came up to the snorkelers as well and played around. So it was a success any way first later the silkies came in but late at night.

Our dives today where …..gooood! First getting in the water we got whalesong being that close that it vibrates through and in your chest it is very powerful!! And I could hear the direction(not easy , but you can!) of the whale so we opened up a bit towards the sound. I just turned around to some of the divers that i was with and signed veeery close!! Then they pointed behind me and yes there he was a male humpback whale slowly swimming by. What a impressive view!!

Later on in the day we had a nice close pass by a big school of scalloped hammerhead close up to us as all of us where hiding in between the rocks. Dolphins came regulary to visit us during the day. My best encounter was when I was making a routine inspection of the hull of Nautilus Explorer and two dolphins came straight up on a half a meter distance in front of me and stopped. I put up my hands as a imitation of pectoral fins and shook them and they did the same . More dolphins came up to me and swam around for a few minutes and then the went and I continued my work.The mantas I think we got in about 10 different individuals and staying until we finished our dive for the day. So I would say this was a great great day!!

Surface conditions . Calm small waves 28 C sunny. Underwater very little current 24 C viz is getting much better in general 20 m.

Dive Guide Sten Johansson

By Nautilus Staff

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