End of Socorro Island season drawing near with the best diving of the year – Captains Log – 23 May 2011

I love watching nature’s seasonal changes, and Socorro Island provided a totally unique perspective for this. In Canada seasonal changes are almost always associated with snow or getting colder, too short a summer but with moments of brilliant color. But being near these exotic islands off the coast of Baja has shown me another side of the physical cycle of the calander year.

Regular currents becoming irregular, clouds flying by as though on a mission from a higher order, wind building and gusting to assertive levels only to die down again as the afternoon rolls on. And the ocean looking bluer, calmer and at the same time looking deeper and more mysterious. It was a tremendous month to weather watch here on the Nautilus Explorer, and a great time to enjoy some amazing diving. In the last 2 trips we have seen 4!! whale sharks. A couple of days ago at one of the more remote dive sites we came across a beautiful example, a young adolescent cruising by and letting everyone swim along beside. The pictures and video of this majestic fish is wonderful, and at night, everyone on the boat was buzzing as everyone showed off their digital masterpieces. It was such a satisfying moment as the smiles and laughter rang out.

The whole week was like that; schools of tuna, huge Galapogos sharks, dozens of Hammerheads, White Tips, Dolphins, our beautiful giant mantas and more. It was a vibrant week under the waves and I suppose everything alive gets excited about season change, just as we do. I have never connected to nature as I do here on the Nautilus, I feel enriched and thankful.
Captain Kevin

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