A miraculous day of diving with not one or two mantas but most times with 5, 6, or 7 mantas. Socorro San Benedicto June 28 2011

Today at 1750 the crew of the Nautilus Explorer jumped ship en-mass into the cobalt blue water surrounding the Nautilus Explorer as she sat at anchor at “The Boiler” near San Benedicto. It is the tradition of the crew to celebrate the end of the season as we head off for new adventures in the northern baja. This came at the conclusion of a miraculous day of diving with not one or two mantas but most times with 5, 6, or 7 mantas. The water was clear and the skies were blue. The sight to behold as the sea meets the sky. A fitting end for a great season at the Islands of San Benedicto, Socorro, Roca Partida the Mexican Islands that are part of Islas Revillagigedo. From the crew of the Nautilus Explorer we would like to thank all our guests that have helped to shape what are the unique voyages of each trip. We also offer our thanks to the support and effort of the staff who support us in the office and without whom we could not be what we are. Finally to the Management/Ownership team thank you for your steadfast support in not just the easy times, but especially in the difficult times as they say, happen.
May we all experience life as the adventure it was meant to be.
Captain Al
Dripping wet from the wheelhouse of the Nautilus Explorer.

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Fred Hamblenreply
July 19, 2011 at 05:07 AM

This was the last trip of the extended season – a FIRST for the industry and an experiment for both the multinational crew and customers. Erich Ritter of the Shark School was on board for evening lectures as were a litany of dive shop owners, course directors and travel industry professionals. It was enlightening to have 4 paying Mexican guests on board as well. The currents were not what they should have been and the big fish remained largely at bay although Roca Partida did proffer up the trilogy of Galapagos, White tips and Silky sharks. The best ADVENTURE dive of the trip was at Cabo Pearce for the handful of divers who who dived “deep and dirty” to MOD in raging current with limited visibility of < 10 meters. We rolled over to see over a dozen scalloped hammerheads and other sharks ABOVE us in water temps of 17C. The safety stop was punctuated with dolphins swim bys manta and some 600 jellyfish! The night dive with silky sharks at the ship's stern is also a liveaboard first. What circles the Nautilus Explorer every night is an experience of it's own. several nights – 100's of dolphins would encircle the ship to feed on the fish attracted by the ships's lighting.This was the final sojourn before drydock in Ensenada and I'd like to recognise Larry, the ship's engineer, for making the hot tub function. He had to cool it down from 44C (117F) after he got it going. The culinary expertise of the ship's chef, Enrique on he stern GRILL are the meals not to be missed. Fred MSDT Australia

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