I was able to see one of these great animals (Great White Shark) from less than 1 meter!

After a day and a half waiting for the great white I finally have the GREATEST experience of my life!!! Thank you Nautilus Explorer and all the crew for this wonderful moment with the beautiful and intelligent animal.
Manuel Silveira
After a boring and unsuccessful day yesterday today came the moment in that I was able to see one of these great animals from less than 1 meter. Great experience! I felt the strange desire to touch him. Seeing a white shark swimming in the water elegant and calmly let you easily underestimate how quick and dangerous they can be. At the end of the cage diving session today the white shark showed us in a very impressive way by biting into the bundle of air tubes and cutting all of them several times. Repair in progress
Toni Saretzki
Today Chugey (no. 21 in the Nautilus Explorer Guadalupe Island white shark photo ID book) arrived at Guadalupe Island. It was the first male white shark we saw in this first trip of the season (as females arrive later in the season). Chugey was very easy to identify by its missing back fin tip and whit spot on its base. It inspected the cages almost the whole day, before getting very hungry (see above) Very impressive!
Sonja Becker

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