I felt rather small among them, as if we were the entertainment for them and not the other way around. Guadalupe August 5th 2011

I’ve spent my time doing many different types of diving but what I have been experiencing is over the top. There is no excuse or reason as to why someone would skip a dive. From the moment you enter you are excited, the tons of yellow tailed fish circle around you, the shark emerges from his deep unknown hiding spot, and you are in the center of it. With a 360 degree view and with an awesome group of dive masters you couldn’t be able to ask for more. The world looks different as you see things through the eyes of a fish or through the eyes of a human cowering in the corner of the cage trying to keep your distance from the 14 foot male shark circling you. You are filled with adrenaline and stand awestruck as the person next to you snaps photos to show to friends and family back home.
In the beginning as you step onto the boat you are worried about how sea sick you’re going to feel later but once Capt. Gordon anchors the boat you know you are exactly where you want to be surrounded by some of the most amazing crew members and most interesting people. I never thought that I would be able to go 5 days without a phone or internet access but as each day goes by you forget more and more about the outside world and you dread that awful moment when you’re going to have to say goodbye to all of the people you have met and return to the real world not filled with great white sharks and easy going people who have endless stories of their life experiences. I know everyone here is very happy with their decision to come on this dive trip because it really is a trip to talk about. I‚m sure I will keep these memories with me forever and tell my children about my remarkable trip that brought me to the island of Guadalupe to dive with great white sharks and the even better experience I had during my stay on Nautilus Explorer.
Taylor Muller, New Jersey

As I witnessed the awe-inspiring presence of one of the world’s greatest predators for the first time, I was enthralled with how large and powerful their bodies truly were. At the same time, their simplicity impressed upon me a sense of belittlement. We believe that we are capable of a higher intelligence than any other species on this Earth, yet even we cannot challenge the sanctity of these creature’s domains. I felt rather small among them, as if we were the entertainment for them and not the other way around. While we were locked in small cages observing them, limited to the tiny expanse of water we could see around us, they had the vast oceans around them to explore and master.
I realized that no matter how long we observed them, we would probably never procure all the great white’s secrets; for they could simply disappear into the distance, nothing betraying their position but the reflection of the silver sun on the pilot fish hung close to their sides. While they could observe us at a distance, just out of reach of our senses in the dark expanse around us, we could no longer see them, no matter how hard we strained our eyes.
It’s amazing to be in the presence of creatures with such history and prowess. While I know I will never be able to even begin to grasp the enormity of their existence and pure strength of their being, I am pressed to try, to understand how the world around us works, because as I do, it begins to tell me more about myself. The power these creatures has frightens even the strongest of men, yet here we are looking them square in the eyes, like equals. I have learned that the great whites are ferocious, yet magnificent creatures, which inspire me to learn more about the world and the sea, if not myself.
Kelsey Muller, Age 19
August 5, 2011

By Nautilus Staff

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