There is nothing more exciting than a shark that looks at you right in the eye from only a few feet away. August 16th 2011 Guadalupe, Baja Mexico.

copyright 2011 Todd Winner

First day of shark-diving was awesome. We saw 3-4 male sharks and they were excited. They approached both submersible cages. They were up close and personal. There is nothing more exciting than a shark that looks at you right in the eye from only a few feet away. The second day was awesome too. They seemed competitive with each other in that they were circling the cages. They would swim down deep and then come up right on the cages from beneath. I highly recommend this trip to anyone who has ever wanted to have an amazing great white shark experience. This was my second trip with the Nautilus Explorer and I would do it again!
-Michelle D.
August 21st 2011
My second day was even better than the first, the sharks just kept coming they would circle between the 240ft cages doing circle of eights, come in so close that you could see their eyes watching you as they passed by, they look so spectacular and graceful, everyone helps to point out were the sharks are so you do not miss and opportunity to see them in all their glory in the perfect environment of Guadalupe, the question is do I take photos or just watch, the photos are to show people back home or be selfish and not take photos and just watch the sharks in all their glory that is the difficult decision, everyone of the crew are so helpful and are always their to help you get in or out of the cages point out where the sharks are and to ensure that everyone is safe it has been the best trip ever.
Absolutely fantastic. Non stop action all day with up to 4 sharks at a time. Lots of close passes and some great photo ops. 100 foot vis at times throughout the day and sun streaming down through the water. One great shark hung around all day and provided lots of amazing views.
– Eiko.

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