There is no better tired than the tired you feel from spending 5 hours cage diving with the great white sharks of – Isla Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico. November, 2011.

copyright 2011 Erin Quigley

It is the satisfied exhaustion you get from adrenaline rush after adrenaline rush as a 5 meter shark with rows of razor sharp teeth repeatedly rushes towards the top of the cage. Coming at the cage from above, below and eye level as it slices through the water, creating a tunnel of blue water through the schools of mackerel surrounding it. Or the rush of being surrounded by 4, 5, or even 6 white sharks, males and females ranging from the smaller juveniles who move hurriedly between and around the cages with endless energy to the biggest of the females, gliding almost effortlessly past without any wasted movements. Don’t get too focused on one shark, because there is almost certainly another one right behind you! The image of the infamous joker smile full of teeth bearing down on you out of the gloomy early morning light will imprint itself in your head for ever, and if you don’t dream of white sharks after your first day of diving with them your next round is on me.
We’ve just completed day 2 of diving on this Guadalupe White Shark expedition and the action has been non-stop. Yesterday the infamous Shredder spent the entire day thrilling us with his quick, unpredictable approaches, along with at least 7 other sharks. Today was more of the same with another big male dominating the scene for most of the day until a big 6 meter female showed up, with about a dozen pilot fish in tow. Day 3 tomorrow but not before a well earned cold beer in the hot tub and a good 8 hours of sleep!
– Captain Gordon Kipp
Surface conditions: Air temp at night 19C, daytime 24-27C, wind light, skies clear
Diving conditions: Water temp 20C, visibility 80-120 ft
2 plus sharks every dive great crew and great time
– Joe and Quinn
Everyone was raring to go this morning after our great first day with the sharks.. We were not disappointed with today’s sightings, I am pleased to say. Over the day we saw at least seven different sharks however the one that really stands out in my mind was a huge female that arrived in the afternoon. When I say huge I am not kidding, she had about the same length as the largest female we have seen on this trip however she was girth‚ to say the least. She was accompanied by a school of black and white striped pilot fish. Eight to nine were swimming just in front of her nose whilst about seven (much more sensible ones!) were swimming near her pectoral fins. We have been seeing some pretty large sharks however she took the size prize so far, but, there is always tomorrow!!
– Belinda – Divemaster

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