3 hours into the 1st day of the trip  and all 24 guests had seen great white sharks. October, 2011 – Isla Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico

copyright 2011 Ryan Miller

Hi Mike and team,
This is day One. Conditions are as flat as a pond. I was in the surface cage at 7am. I saw a GWS after 10 minutes. I got out of the cage around 9am after it had made 25 passes, some right beside the cage. By the time I got out all the cages were running. By around 10 am, three hours into the first day, with two days and 8 hours to go, all 24 guests had seen sharks. Two GWS were in play from around 10.30 ish and stayed all day. On the 3.30 deep cage dive we had three female GWS‚s. By that time one had nosed a cage and around 4pm one bumped the bottom of the 4 diver cage so hard in knocked Ed, Monte and Doug off their feet. Were just at cocktail time with close ups of GWS‚s on a lot of lap tops and IPADS. David Doubilet says Hi, has a HUGE smile and says the sharks here are like marine paintings. Dinner bell is ringing. Crab night on the upper deck. Thanks to your on board team for another GREAT fist day.
– Leslie Leaney, WWW.HDS.ORG.
Mike, this is Mark Holder from Ocean City, Maryland. Ocean Life guard, diver and surfer. Scared to death of Great Whites until today. I had one smile‚ at me and I smiled back. Thank you and all your wonderful crew for my first days experience! Awesome beyond belief.

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