We also had two breaches today!!  And an albatross barely escaped becoming a meal! October, 2011 – Isla Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico

copyright 2011 Ryan Miller

This was my 2nd time on the Guadalupe great white sharks trip.  Today was amazing!  There were so many sharks it was often hard to decide who to photograph!  Shredder was in peak form today.  He followed the same path all day.  For some reason he alternated port and starboard sides when heading to the bow and back to the cages. I think he was having a race with himself.  We also had two breaches today!!  And an albatross barely escaped becoming a meal! Can’t wait for tomorrow.
– Ann Hanon, Missouri
copyright 2011 Ryan Miller

So the last day slowed down a little, fewer but more active sharks. Lots of folks took some of their dives off making more room for me. Managed to sneak in six dives today. Heading back in and thinking bout getting back to see my family. So, if you think that reading, seeing pictures and watching shark week is enough, it is not. Those are someone else‚s moments, not yours. Nothing can replace being here in getting in the 40‚ submersible cage and being down there with them. The cages are two person and four person. You can go out with the divemaster if you wish. I. Yes the trip out is 20 hours. It is worth it no matter if you are prone to sea sickness. Take your meds and sleep. The dive spot is protected and usually calm. It is not really about doing something to challenge or scare yourself. It is more about seeing majestic creatures up close and in water with over 100‚ of visibility. The water is about 68F. Folks were in everything from a shorty to drysuits with most being in full 7mm. Up to your cold tolerance. The boat is fantastic. Crew is attentive to everything and very social.
– Randell from Austin

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