This is our 9th trip with the Nautilus Fleet… Can we get a frequent flyer card yet?! 2012 Guest Comments, Socorro Islands, Mexico.

The scenery and the boat are so amazing it almost seems like the diving is secondary. Like icing on a cake.
Bryen Girling.

The accomodations are clean, cozy, and comfortable. And the nice hot showers with plenty of hot water were perfect after a day of diving. The consideration for my gluten free diet is very appreciated.
Lana Taylor.

I’m like Arnold. I will be back.
Alan Duguid.

My frame of reference for liveaboard boat diving has changed. The bar has been raised – actually, the bar has been set!
Randy Kliewer.

The space on both boats is great. We had a full group and we still had more than enough room. So much to do. I skipped a dive today just to let ot all sink in.
Daryl Mcnamara.

Beware of the little muffins. They are very addicting.
Adventures in Scuba.

The food deserves a michelen star. As does the crew.
Randy Kliewer.

This is our 9th trip with the Nautilus Fleet. This time we brought the family. As usual, everything is excellent. We can’t wait for the next trip. The diving is so efficient and easy. So much space. Never in a rush – no pressure at all. Lots of new sights and locations. We have seldom seen the same site twice – there are always new sites. Feels like a menu of dives, we can pick and choose from an enourmous variety but we end up diving pretty much all of them! Can we get a frequent flyer card yet?
The Hass Family.

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