We could see 2 black shadows passing close under the Nautilus Explorer + unexpected encounter with 30 pilot whales. Cabo Pearse, Socorro, 2012.

Arrived Cabo Pearse early this morning, on the eastern edge of Isla Socorro. We were treated to the blue water that we had been seeking. As we anchored and prepared for the days diving we could see at least two black shadows passing close around the Nautilus Explorer, beckoning the divers to join them in the water. They were not disappointed as most guests had at least two giant mantas circling for most of the dive. Most of the divers were too entranced to go anywhere else. We did however have a few divers who featured off in the hopes of seeing hammerheads at the deeper cleaning stations and they also were rewarded with more hammerhead sharks than you could count circling in and out by the cleaning station.
A wonderful way to start the day. During lunch today we had one of those unexpected encounters as a pod of about 30 pilots whales came through and over the dive site during lunch. Easy to see them as they were only a few hundred feet off the bow of the Nautilus Explorer.  No dolphins yet at the dive site, but the day is long from over and maybe the couple of hundred we saw while we were motoring in will come and visit us later. Anything is possible at this dive site. Stay tuned.
Captain Al

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