You call that a clasper??? – Guadalupe, October 23rd 2012

I was so pleased that Captain Mike had installed a deck head on the Nautilus Explorer and was using it for the first time.   The picture window was 30″ x 40″ and so big that I was concerned that somebody could walk by and look in.  And then I realized that there was walkway outside.   So there I was doing my business when I looked out the window face-to-face with a huge smiling great white shark with remnants of her last meal hanging out her lower jaw.  I thought she was going to come right through the window. She was at most mid-air and 10 feet off the side of the boat.  fortunately I was able to finish my business and stay on target.  Dan Stetson.  note from Captain Mike.  We have the video backing up this amazing breach!!   I was on the back deck opposite side of the boat and got splashed by this breach!!

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