Huge giant female whaleshark who might be pregnant??


The 7 giant mantas at Punta tosca on Socorro Island have been taken over by the 2 whalesharks and the multiple dolphins and sharks at Roca partida.
Its just hard to belive that so much action and so much variety of pelagic animals are all here in this needle shape prehistoric volkano (Roca).
All the regular population of reef white tips, silver tips, Galapagos and lots of hamerhead sharks are here, but since last dive yesterday we got this huge femmale that to me looks pregnant but I have no idea if that is posible (dont know if theres is a season or not for that). Any way we had this two whalesharks for the first 2 dives of today and we are getting ready for the next one, hopefully they will be there.
Air temp              32C         85F aprox
Water temp       26 C        76F aprox
Visibility               25mts    75Ft
Current                N
DM Joel Ibarra

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