Well what can I say, Mantas Mantas Mantas Mantas! And more giant Mantas, swirling around us for a full hour on both dives

In fact an hour was never long enough as the giant manta just wanted to play and show off for a lot longer. Such fun, so exhilarating and so fantastic. They were waiting for us the moment we dropped into the water. Thank you and looking forward to seeing you guys again. Yeah baby!!!
Woohoo! The giant mantas were everywhere at Punta Tosca on Socorro Island. Swirling, twirling, cavorting with us what a ballet. This was a spectacular dive and I reccomend it. Me Encantaba Muchisimo
I appreciated the organization of the team which facilitated the dive so that we were able to get the most out of the experience. We were also lucky to have a gentle surge above the lava formation, which gave me the feeling of being in the midst of such beauty without feeling intrusive. The group on the boat was well briefed and consequently every diver got a chance to interact with the mantas and feel as one with them without anyone chasing or dominating the action.

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