Giant mantas galore! The devil fish came out to play and all the divers very well trained at Socorro Island

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Second day of diving, and the first day at Punta Tosca Mantas galore!  We took the zodiacs out to a ridge that starts at 30 feet and continues down.  If you stay between 40-50 feet, 15 to 22 meters, the devil fish come out to play! I think there were three although there could have 5 or 6 of the giant graceful creatures that have all divers that come to the site trained. Great dive!!!!!
Ken  (Chicago)
A lot of manta time today at Punta Tosca, they kept coming back and back probably checking us out as much as we were checking them out! Or maybe they like the bubbles, or the sound we make. Anyhow, it was a fantastic dive!
Fernando (Mexico)
Wir, Brigitte, Hans, Karsten und Silvana aus Deutschland hatten heute einen ersten tollen Tag auf der Nautilus Explorer. Die Crew verwoehnte uns und der Koch macht uns dick und rund, da das Essen so lecker ist. Der ersten Tauchtag fing an mit Mantas, Whitetips, Hammerhai…. an und endete mit 20 Hammerhaien
Jaun is the best…Keep him on the boat.Hammer heads, mantas , white tips what more can you ask for in one dive. Bob Un an après ma reservation au salon de la plongee. Ca y est ! Et si c‚etait vrai ???? Mantas, requins pointes blanches mais surtout requins marteaux a chaque plongee par dizaine On a entendu les dauphins a chaque plongee, quelques uns ont vu un requin tigre mais vivement demain ! En attendant c‚est l‚heure de l‚apero avant le barbecue.

Primer día en el Nautilus Explorer: Isla San Benedicto Al pie de la imponente isla, visitamos el cañón para encontrar Mantarrayas y tiburones martillo, cuatro excelentes buceos de casi 30m de profundidad. Un excelente comienzo para una emocionante semana.
Fernando (México)

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