Some of the most challenging diving in our short time as divers but the reward was amazing.

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We had the most amazing snorkel with the Giant Mantas today. There were about five or six of them about 50 metres from the boat when we came up from our first dive. So we got back into the water to go and see them. Truly spectacular! They just circled and circled around us whilst they were feeding. The water was bright and colourful, and time after time they came towards us until they were about a foot away. They are very gentle creatures. Each time they have a good look at you and then raise their wing below you as they pass by for their next circle. A fantastic way to spend an hour!
From the incredibly friendly and helpful crew to the amazing underwater encounters, the NAUTILUS EXPLORER delivered! Giant manta rays, dolphins, sharks of every flavour, including my first ever Tiger sighting, and abundant fish life welcomed us dive after dive at Socorro Island. Water temp was a high of 79 and a low of 73, but the chill was rarely noticed when the critters starting interacting. As always happens to quickly, our time aboard is over and we are left with new friends and wonderful memories.
For our first trip out here, it was spectacular.  Some of the most challenging diving in our short time as divers but the reward was amazing.  The staff was great and energetic.  The food was great as well.  It was amazing to see all the larger animals that we normally don’t get to see like a Tiger shark, Hammerhead sharks and of course the Mantas and Dolphins.  Thanks for a great experience and we look forward to the next trip out here.…..Claudine

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