Last night, rounding the point of the lava flow of San Benidicto, the bioluminescence were flashing in the bow wake; a thousand tiny flashes of green and white igniting like flares in the water around the Nautilus Explorer.

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This phenomenon in itself is a beautiful sight to see and I was happily taking it in on the bow when I noticed two streams of the flashing lights darting and weaving in front of the bulbous bow. Dolphins. It was too dark to see the creatures themselves but they raced through the water, slicing and playing in the wake as they love to do. As they swam they were disturbing the water just enough to create a glow of the bioluminescence around their bodies. The dolphins carved through the water each swimming separately but intertwining and interweaving their trails of stars to create this incredible show of light. Where their bodies were was the darkness of the sea at night, but all around was this brilliant flashing of bioluminescence. It was really quite breath taking.
Two dolphins became three, then four, and then five and finally six paths of light all dancing around and around as the Explorer came nearer to her anchorage at the Canyon. As the ship slowed the dolphins slipped away in ones and twos, trailing their brilliantly flashing tails with them. It was easily the best dolphin experience I have ever had, and I didn’t even see the dolphins themselves.
Baywatch  aka Max
Second dive of the day saw a 12 foot tiger shark  !  Awesome !!!
Sid Pinhas
Fearless shark hunter  :-0

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