I recall having to pinch myself to ensure I was not dreaming

Whales like I’ve never seen before captured on film by several of our divers this past trip! Some of the pictures and video of a mother and very new calf was breathtaking for those of us stuck above water. I happened to have a sneak preview of several of these treasures before any kind of editing, or (photoshop) and can attest that no alterations were needed. Also some awesome video of a very friendly manta at Socorro Island that was as interested in interacting with a couple divers as they were with the manta. The weather was simply amazing, and on the return trip to Cabo, during my night watch, I have the pleasure of standing the midnight to six am bridge watch, I recall having to pinch myself to ensure I was not dreaming, the seas were so calm. It is very rare for the Pacific I know to have no swell, and a placid waxy surface that in the early hours of the day only reflects the faint moonlight and stars and is completely untouched by a breath of wind. Makes my job all the easier with no leeway to compensate for, and a smooth ride for the crew and guests sleeping in their quarters.
–Chief Mate Aaron

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