open ocean swim and found a floating coconut protecting 3 very pretty fish.

We awoke to a beautiful morning on the water today, the barest hint of a breeze and a long, slow, rolling swell out of the south. Currently north by west of Clipperton Atoll, approximately 3500m (11600ft) of water under the hull and it’s time for a swim.
Main engines on the Nautilus Explorer are off, drifting slowly under a hot sun and gentle breeze, and the pool is open.
Not one to miss the chance to refresh the body and mind after a long stretch of steady sailing, I joined our guests for a beautiful blue water swim off the stern of the Nautilus. As I swam towards the bow of the vessel I came across a good omen. A Clipperton coconut drifting along on the surface. I have no proof that the coconut came from Clipperton of course, but given that the atoll is the closest source there is a good chance. Under the coconut were 3 very pretty juvenile fish of some sort. I believe they were our advance welcoming party out to meet us.
Time now to get moving again. We’ll be arriving at Clipperton first light tomorrow morning.
Captain Gordon Kipp

By Nautilus Staff

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