Our last day at Clipperton Atoll – what an amazing experience.

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April 26th 2013
Yesterday was our last day on Clipperton Atoll. It was a once in a lifetime experience that will never be forgotten. We had the opportunity to go ashore which was quite the experience. The island is quite inhospitable but unique in it’s own way. The Booby birds were were in all stages of development and the unique Red land crab were a sight to see. The beautiful coral reefs seem untouched by the human presence. Large schools of tropical fish and the always curious Silver Tip sharks. The fine spotted morays were in abundance and were unafraid of human presence. There were more free swimming eels than we have ever seen in any other location. Dolphins were abundant with many of them being seen on the dives. The crew was incredible allowing us to snorkel with them at every opportunity. We are now off to Roca Partida for our last two days of diving before heading back to Cabo for our trip home.

The Explorer and all the staff have been absolutely fantastico!!

– Mike and Zena

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