We were surrounded in the sea lion infested waters of Los Islotes. This is one of the most incredible places we have ever dived

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Thank you for the wonderful dive, so many fishes for the one dive is not possible!!! so many groupers and snappers seems not possible…and then the sea lions at the safety stop for the perfect ending…
The visibility at islotes was not the best, but the sea lions fun and excitement was more than my expectations!!
The sea lions are so close, they play and swim so very closely, one catch my fin with his teeth and Ifilm this all…thank you tigre for you very special attention!! if you come to my country you stay at my house.
The color of the sunset is red and yellow and oraange, they will say it was foto-shopped, but you cannot even make this with fotoshop, it is better than the fotoshop.
Wow, last dive at los islotes was quiiiite a surprise….marcela said to me after the first dive “no more snorkel dive please” because the first dive was mostly at eight meters depth with sealions everywhere all around…so we went to the wall and down into the current and what a surprise…more action than i can ever have imagined…more groupers and snappers than i have ever seen in my entire life in one place at one time….i dont know how it can be truly….allll along the wall, fifty minutes dive, fuuuuulll of groupers and snappers in the fifteen to twenty kilo range, with many well over….the largest greater amberjack i have ever seen alive (not foto) swam two meters from me, three of them, probably sixty kilos each…dream…is what i thought, this must be a dream because it simply cannot be…and this was a surprise, i did not expect it, i expected maybe many, but not thousands…definitely one of my top ten dives ever….just goes to show, yu never know where or when…sunset was pretty cool too….shout out to my buddy willy who was not with me on that dive cuz he decided to stay at eight meters with the sea lions and was happier with that….willy, you’re a blast buddy, thanks for the laughs and good times, we still got one more dive day left, lets do it!!!!!!! – Tigre


The guests and crew spent our final two dives in the hot sun, surrounded by the sea lion infested waters of Los Islotes. The diving was incredible, all of the passengers onboard the NAUTILUS EXPLORER where ecstatic by how playful the sea lions were. It seemed everywhere we looked there where our funny new friends looking back at us. The young sea lions loved biting at our blew and yellow fins. While the big males put on quite a show, showing us how fast the can swim through the water. Many of the divers and I agree this was one of the most incredible places we have ever dived! Thank you Los Islotes for the amazing memories!!!!!
– Divemaster Colten.

Colten, that was the perfect dive – Stefan
It was my favourite dive! Every second we had seal lions in our face! – Rose

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