The silky sharks were hilarious. I felt a little depressed when we got back to land.

Dear Gordon, Joel, Shaun, Max, Larry, Silvia, Carmen, Juan and Gualberto,
You are “ALL individually outstanding crew member.” Exceptionally hard working and accommodating!! The Nautilus Explorer was very comfortable and I loved the hot tub. We could NOT have asked for a better trip. Our dive group was EXCEPTIONAL!! We so enjoyed getting to know all of our dive mates and became very close; sharing our pictures, travels, gin, and future destinations.
Favorite moment… TOO MANY to pin point, but I must say that our night snorkel with the silky sharks was HILARIOUS!! I have never seen anything like it.
Thank you for making our dive trip a “5 Star” Adventure. Truly a phenomenal dive vacation. I must admit, feeling a little depressed to be back on land. I am already looking forward to my next dive trip with all if you. My only suggestion: A cappuccino machine and more guacamole & chips with hot sauce would be scrumptious.
Missing each and everyone of you,
Suzy Zrake

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