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Dear HDS,
What a great two weeks with the HDS in Mexico! I was delighted to head up this years Great White Shark fund raiser and it was more fun that I could have imagined for my 90th birthday trip. There were so many old friends in the course of both weeks that I will never again have such a special reunion, especially since I am really coming down to retirement from my diving career. I am much indebted to Ed Stetson and Leslie Leaney for putting it together and will also write a thank you note to Mike Lever at Nautilus Explorer.
The two HDS mini-flags with all the signatures of guests and friends will be a long remembrance of those two weeks and the generous attendance of HDS members to making those trips special. Susy is putting the two signature flags into a pair of pillows for my office.
With best wishes and BIG THANKS for all,
Stan Waterman
Article from The Journal of Diving History

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