One young male great white shark poked his nose between the bars on the cage before swimming away without a scratch or a worry in the world

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Had a fantastic day yesterday. On the very first dive in the morning we had 5 individual great white sharks around and the action never really stopped all day long.
At least 7 individual males throughout the day. The visibility was beautiful with a clear blue 125 foot, 360 degree window around the submersible cages.
On a couple occasions I came face to face with a young male while I was sitting on top of the cage. His face was only a few feet from mine on the other side of the railing as he eyed me curiously with his deep blue eyes. We also had some great action at the surface as one very large male in particular, who was clearly a dominant shark, repeatedly circled around the surface and hanging cage at our stern. It’s a pretty cool view to see the dorsal fin of a large white shark cutting the surface of a smooth ocean with the rugged cliffs of Guadalupe in the background. On the last dive of the day I was manning the 4 person submersible cage and enjoying a great show with 4 whities circling above and below. One young male got a little extra curious and poked his nose in between two horizontal bars of the cage before swimming away without a scratch or worry in the world. The design of the cage, which is built with round aluminum pipe and rounded corners, will prevent injury to the shark. The space between the bars is such that the sharks nose will only enter into the cage a short distance before the space becomes too small and will also prevent the shark from opening its mouth so as to protect the guests. Shortly after the contact we brought the submersibles to the surface and wrapped up diving for the day.
A very exciting day and we’ll spend one more here at Guadalupe before heading to San Benitos overnight tonight for 4 days of kelp and sea lion diving.
– Captain Gordon Kipp
Surface conditions: sunny with light wind, air temp 20C at night, 28C daytime Diving conditions: Water temp 19C (68F), visibility 125 feet

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