I got a hug underwater from a harbour seal playing in the shallows at San Martin. I’ve never experienced that before!

Bea Metzger4w
Sea Lions
Photo by ©Bea Metzger

Here I am on a Guadalupe combo trip, we started our expedition at San Martin with the kelp diving. Kelp diving makes me feel like I am in a healthy corn field, the only thing is that I am blowing bubbles. Don’t even talk about the harbor seals, this is my third season and I have never experienced a harbor seal play with me, I even got a hug from one that really made my dive. There is a saying “you’re never to old to learn something new” well there is never too much diving to have a great experience like that. On the surface interval we saw some humpback whales just hanging around in the distance.We are heading now to San Benito’s to do some diving with the sea lion’s I am excited now to see what is awaiting there for me. I will keep you all posted.
– DM Juan The Only One

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