This is one of those places that if you captured it in a painting, it would look surreal and tacky. Burnt orange island with a contrast of colours on cobalt blue water

This morning I woke up to my alarm and looked out my porthole. It was dark with the smallest hint of orange in the eastern sky. I trundled up to grab a cup of coffee with the rest of the crew. At 6:15 we had the cages in the water and the sky was brightening. By 7am the sun was well into the sky shining off the raw cliffs of Isla de Guadalupe. The burnt orange island cast a contrasting reflection of colors on the cobalt blue water. This is one of those places that if you were to try to capture the scenery in paint, it would wind up looking surreal and tacky, but in real life it is stunning. Later I slipped into the water and was treated to the view of a huge great white female cruising assertively around the cages. She checked out the submersibles and even the surface cage came under her close scrutiny. It was quite thrilling to be able to be in the water with her! Today we say goodbye to Guadalupe but I can’t wait for the next destination and the next adventure!
-Tiare Boyes
It has been pretty cool! We have seen one big female and two male great white sharks today. In the morning it was really nice because we could see the sunlight shining into the blue water. The seals came for a visit and it was possible to make a picture with a shark and a sea lion in the same frame. The smaller male shark was very nosy and interested and active, swimming around the cage and played with biting. The sunrise and the sunset on the island was very nice. All in all it was a fantastic last day and we are excited to go to San Benitos but would wish to come back again to see the huge great white females!
– Michael
Today we believe in tomorrow, in seals and sea lions and sun!
Das Leben ist wunderschoen und wir sind mittendrin -Yvonne
Yesterday was really cool! We saw a huge female swimming around even without any tuna in the water, she was very interested in the surface cage and came very close swimming between the cage lines, maybe for rubbing some parasites? Polikala!
– Ingo

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