I'm almost, but not quite, at a loss for words in attempting to describe the giant manta experience we had today. I counted eight mantas in my field of view at once!

What a show they gave us! I’ve been on many a manta dive, and the three today are without a doubt the three best I’ve ever had! They are majestic, inquisitive, and engaging, with the black manta (Stealth Bomber) stealing the show. The Nautilus Explorer did not disappoint; I’m so glad to be back on this amazing boat with their fabulous crew. Next up Roca Partida and all its sharks. Every time I think the diving can’t get any better out here, it does.
– Nikki B
Early Birthday present for me!!!  Three amazing dives!! One great, two greater and three greatest!! WTF!! All expectations exceeded!! Thank you Joel and Juan for sharing the red HOT Boiler with us today!!  First day diving on the Nautilus Explorer and can’t wait to see what the rest of the week holds!! Cheers!
– Beverley B
Another lovely day out in the Socorro Islands..spent at Roca Partida. Perhaps not the wildest day diving-wise but still plenty of white tips (jostling for a place on every ledge and cruising the waters), some Galapagos sharks and white tips and the lucky group who saw the huge school of hammerheads. We are having a glorious time here out in the middle of nowhere  anchored by the desolate rock with frigates and boobies flying overhead and the water teaming with life..tons of large moray eels seemingly in almost every crevice, guinea fowl puffer fish, beautiful trigger fish, super sized trumpet fish..lobster…something to feast the eye at every turn.
When we are not diving our wonderful crew keeps us happy and well fed and safe, where does Juan Carlos dream up these delicious meals?…..and Laurentina  and Adolfo looking after us so well with soup and cookies and cheese and other goodies seemingly before and after every dive, cups of warm cider on the dive deck too! Our wonderful dive guides Joel and Juan doing everything they can to keep us happy and safe, showing us all kinds of things underwater and encouraging us to explore this wonderful place.  Danny, Jaime  and Larry seem to work non stop too and are so polite and helpful.  Captain Gordon quietly keeping everything going seemingly easily with first mate Shaun.  Thank you all for a great second day diving, we are so lucky to all be here and you couldn’t be doing a better job
-Georgia T

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