we took a vote last night and got an overwhelming majority to stay a third day at Roca Partida

Another beautiful day today at Roca Partida. We took a vote last night and got an overwhelming majority to stay a third day at the rock. Wx today is great with an easy 5 kts from the ENE and a long 4-5′ NW’ly swell, mostly sunny today and warm. Once again we have the rock all to ourselves.
Our last dive yesterday was a strong finish with a small school of about 10-12 big galapagos cruising around close at the south point. Some big silver-tips and silkies mixed in with them. Some of us went off the rock a little ways and were rewarded with a big school of hammerheads circling in the blue.
Lots of big tuna and wahoo as well.
This morning picked up where it left off yesterday, another sharky dive first thing this morning with the same school of hammerheads out in the blue and silver-tips and galapagos in closer to the rock, with a big school of bonitos cruising past several times.
Second dive today began a bit more quiet, a couple sharks around but mostly a lot of blue. Near the end of the dive however we changed spots and once again got a close encounter with the schooling hammerhead sharks, beautiful! One group of divers got to spend the last 10 minutes of their dive with two mantas near the surface.
Current is mild today and viz is phenomenal, close to 150ft at times, with the water temp a very comfortable 24C.
-Captain Gordon

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